Judge O’Neill Denied Cosby’s Motion Will Allow Recorded Phone Call As Evidence 

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill  has ruled that a recorded phone call between Bill Cosby and the mother of Andrea Constand can be used as evidence at his sexual assault trial next year.

Cosby’s lawyers asked the judge earlier this month to block prosecutors from using the 2005 telephone conversation because Andrea Constand’s mother recorded it without his permission. 

Cosby at the time was in California when he called Constand’s mother at her Canadian home. The alledged incident happened in Pennsylvania. Cosby’s attorneys argued Pennsylvania’s two-party consent law should apply.

The judge clearly thinks opposite and says the Canadian law prevails in this instance.

Why is Judge O’Neill allowing Canadians to wiretape residents of the United States? 
It seems the Bill Cosby case will effect people more than they would ever imagine. 

His trial is set for next June. 


3 thoughts on “Judge O’Neill Denied Cosby’s Motion Will Allow Recorded Phone Call As Evidence 

  1. Better watch out if you are an American and receive any phone calls from Canada. With Judge O’Neill’s blessing, the call can be recorded without your knowledge and anything you say in that phone call can be used against you in a criminal trial. Has any Judge ever stripped so many people of their Sixth Amendment rights.
    Judge O’Neill had previously stripped Bill Cosby and the people of Pennsylvania of their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and their Sixth Amendment rights to confront their accuser at a trial and a speedy trial.

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