Joseline Hernandez Spills Her Own Tea Shows Text Messages From Rick Ross and Claims She Had Sex With Nelly

So much going on today for the fourth! Well, we told you about Stevie dumping Joseline, but it appears it could be the other way around. I don’t know if she got hacked, but she shared some screen shot messages between her and Rick Ross and claims she smashed Nelly!!!



Then Stevie responds with:



Chile!!! She had more pictures but it was just too graphic to put up, but what did Stevie expect? These ho’s out here have no morals what so ever… But I bet Stevie was behind this and trying to gain sympathy!

This is why you don’t give a man that much power because they will use it against you at the end of the day. Get your own ladies and have your own I can’t stress that enough.. Or else you will be out here looking like this! Sad!