Joe Budden Hints at Tahiry Being Pregnant?

joe budden


Joe Budden went on a Twitter melt down this morning, I guess things are over between him and Tahiry, and I mean he pretty much confirmed it himself on Twitter, stating that he let her down because she caught him in bed with another woman, and saying that she was overreacting! The nerve and Joe is a major loser who is mental…. Mental Illness is real ya’ll take it seriously. I guess she maybe pregnant too, because he says the break up doesn’t count if your period is late. Chile, I guess…. Check out his tweets inside.












Tahiry has yet to tweet a rebuttle back to him, but how corny to put your business on Social Media.. Is anything not sacred???

  • Ciera Chant├íl | CheckoutMyBlog

    He just want some attention.

  • Gigi

    I see this is a story line for boring LHHNY.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Who is he?