Jim Jones Steals $200K From Clothing Label Vamp Life



I know you’ve seen Jim Jones promoting the Vamp Life collection, which is funded and created by Dame Dash… In case you didn’t know. Anywho, Jones was supposed to produce a movie called “Vampire Life III.” He was also going to provide the soundtrack for the movie.  The investors invested $200,000 with hopes that he would come through with a successful project, but those dreams were dashed when Jimmy stopped returning their phone calls and emails. So unprofessional…

 Apparently Jim has taken the money and allegedly used some of the money to make mix tapes that were supposed to go in the movie but Jones was releasing independently.
The investors were doubly upset when they found out Jones allegedly used the rest of their seed money to produce and release a Vampire-Life clothing line that was supposed to be merchandising for the movie. A lot of these rappers (especially the ones who fell off years ago) are strapped for money and still have that street hustler’s mentality to get it by any means necessary, but while doing that and having that mind frame, they are messing up legit connects that can help them… This is why Jay distanced himself from them as Dame continues to keep in company with people who are still not trying to progress, but instead stay stagnant… Do better…

  • Yazmar

    He is so desperate…

  • Coffy Brown

    That is mad crazy! I cant even believe he would think that shit is cool – If you not up for the task – just turn it down – tryin to fuck people over, only gets you fucked harder and with no protection in the end!

  • brooklyn707

    Jules & jimmy both are junkies

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      lol i heard that before

  • Venessa Thomas

    He need money…..he ain’t nobody but a reality show creep.

  • mb

    None of those guys (Jim Jones, Cameron, Jules Santana, etc) are house hold names. Most of them have not had a hit record in years, I mean years. Yet, some of them talked trash about Jay Z.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn


    • Coffy Brown

      shit… Decades!