Jim Jones Shows His Undying Love For Chrissy By Getting Her Face Tatted On His Arm


Jim Jones showed his loyalty and undying love for Chrissy by getting her face tatted on his arm, of course last season she once again got cold feet on marrying Jim, but I guess this little gesture made they’re wedding plans get back on track.

Jim  reveals to Sister2Sister that “We’re going to get married soon, but they don’t know if they will air their nuptials on T.V.


In the meantime, Jim and Chrissy are focusing on raising his son Pudie together. Chrissy will definitely be on mommy duty when “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” returns to VH1 on Monday, and she thinks it’s only strengthened her their relationship.

“As far as the dynamic with Pudie in the house, I think it’s helpful. It makes me and Jimmy come together and raise him,” Chrissy said. “It helps your perspective. I think it’s a plus.”

Jim added, “It’s definitely a different look from what all people have seen from us on television. It’s a good, clean, funny look. I think people need to see that.”

Chrissy shared that seeing how Jim is as a father has addressed some of her past concerns about how his lifestyle would affect his ability to parent. Now that she sees how he’s switched things up to be there for Pudie, the couple is considering having a baby of their own.

“That’s something that I think about a lot and that’s definitely something that we’re going to work on,” Chrissy revealed. “I mean I love him, so why not complete this family?”


I’m sorry, but that Tattoo looks very generic…. Who did it.. Puma or Teddy? Chrissy’s face is much more distinctive than what is on his arm. I don’t understand what they are waiting for, just marry her already… No one cares the thrill and spark of stardom is gone… You might as well take the leap!

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  1. I love them together – and it is a real good tat of her – Im so happy I just want them to get married – but they are like the D-Wade and G-Union of hip hop! so I guess only time will tell – but they ride for each other and I love that about them!

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