Jim Jones Gets Jumped By Ex Manager Yandy’s Boyfriend While At The Studio!!!!

The word is going around that Jim Jones got them hands put on him and the person who set everything up is his Manager Yandy, well former manager since Chrissy shut her down. This isn’t the first time Jimmy got got! Back in the day Junior Mafia whopped that butt which I will post a video of that and another time at a concert. They say he stays running that mouth, but when it’s time to put them hands up he starts running like a little girl. Get the TEA inside.

According to the streets of Harlem, Jim Jones got jumped by ex-manager Yandy Smith’s boyfriend and friends early this morning. Power 105′s The Breakfast Club reported the incident as well. Word on the street is Jim Jones left an early morning studio session and got into an argument with Yandy’s boyfriend. Wait! It was also mentioned about him going to some Harlem projects to confront Yandy’s boyfriend and getting chased by goons and catching a 1988 beat down.

Yandy Smith and Jim Jones have worked together for years. Things recently fell apart when Chrissy decided Yandy just may not be the best choice for Jim. Yandy, new cast member on season 2 of “Love & Hip Hop” has worked with artist like Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes and more.  She works very close with Mona Scott former president and co-founder of Violator management. Yandy sounds like a great choice to me. However Chrissy Tyson is not having it. Yandy put your reeboks on because something tells me Chrissy got another mean right hook.

Check out what Jim Jones said about the fight!!!!!


At this point no one knows what the hell is going on. Things are really heating up for VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop” season 2.

Stay tuned.  Now you know damn well THE SAVANNA MORGAN (CHRISSY) of NY gone bring her goons too. I believe that would be an awful meeting in the middle of Harlem, with someone getting hurt badly.

Here is the video of Jim Jones getting beat down by Junior Mafia… LMAO