Jay Z’s Past Is Coming Back to Haunt Him….. Liv Confirms Life & Style Story!


Two years ago a rapper/model named liv went on a radio show to confirm that Jay tried to hit on her and spilled all of the tea… Of course no one believed her and tried to discredit her story and say that she was using Jay Z’s name as  a come up.. Well in the new Life & Style her story is coming back to life

Well Liv took to her Instagram to confirm that the story printed about their encounter was 100% correct:

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Even though she didn’t sleep with Jay, she is once again using this story as a possible come up by confirming it on Instagram… She is letting it be known that she could of slept with Jay, but out of respect for Beyonce, she didn’t. Most times, silence is truly golden.. In the end, she has no respect!


But people are so hungry for the fame, that it’s not an option if you can capitalize off of someone else….

  • Venessa


  • http://realentertainmentnews.com/ Real Entertainment News

    This story is so old, how did this magazine give this story more light?

  • Keira

    She better watch her mouth.. Also Cathy White. Jay is something else. He seems bent on screwing flames of old friends

  • MrsGrapevine

    She has so much respect for Bey but she’s selling her story to anyone who will listen. “Could have hit it” doesn’t count as cheating. There’s a lot of women who could have, he’s famous. All Jay probably said to her was hello, you look nice, and she ran to the media.

  • KiaSoto

    wow head of heels is a bit much of her feeling herself aint it but glad she turned him down

  • mb

    Supposedly a major publication had got wind about Jay Z & Rachel Roy and did not know what to do with the information (because Jay & Beyonce are huge stars). Then the elevator fight footage came out, now it’s a free for all. People are no longer hiding what they know about Jay or Beyonce.