Jay Z’s New Television Show Talks Out About Prison Reform

Last week, Jay Z and The Weinstein Company announced a two-year film and TV deal.

On Thursday,  Jay Z and Harvey Weinstein and their production companies Marcy Media and The Weinstein Company held a press conference in New York officially announcing their upcoming production, a six-part series, called TIME: The Kalief Browder Story, is being directed by Jenner Furst and is scheduled to air in January on Spike TV.

Weinstein is a prominent New York City-based film executive who co-founded Miramax Pictures and the Weinstein Company with his brother Bob.
Browder was arrested at 16-years-old and spent the majority of his three-year sentence in solitary confinement, which Jay Z described as “inhumane.”

Browder was arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack. He was jailed for three years at Rikers Island in New York, where he spent 800 days in solitary confinement. During that time period, he attempted suicide multiple times.

Browder was eventually released in 2013, but was never even tried for the crime he’d been arrested for. After various suicide attempts following his release, the 22-year-old killed himself last year.

After reading The New Yorker’s landmark profile about his life, Jay Z arranged to meet Kalief Browder in 2014, inviting him to his Roc Nation office: “We met and I wanted to give him words of encouragement, that I’m proud of him for making it through, and to keep pushing.”

During the press conference, Jay Z and Harvey Weinstein also announced an upcoming Lee Daniels’ directed Richard Pryor biopic.
According to The Intercept Weinstein is in the news again for leaked emails that urged Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to silence Sanders’s Black Lives Matter Message…

HACKED EMAILS SHOW that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton and a major fundraiser for her 2016 campaign, urged her campaign team to silence rival Bernie Sanders’s message against police shootings of African-Americans. He suggested countering it with “the Sandy Hook issue” — a reference to Sanders’s opposition to lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

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