Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Found Dead

This is is crazy RIP to Kori cue the Illuminati theorists. A young woman who was rumored to be tied to Jay-Z has died at only 28-years-old. Industry publicist, Cathy Koreana White, known as Kori to friends has passed away from a Brain Aneursym, but while searching I got some tea on the situation between Jay and this female…. More inside, but R.I.P she was really young…

HSK Exclusive – Some shocking finds have led to HSK exclusively uncovering infidelity between a once thought to be happy powerhouse couple, at the hands of Hova.

That’s right HSK has exclusively learned that Jay Z has been smashing a woman behind Beyonce’s back for longer than Jay & Beyonce have even been married. What’s not so shocking is the fact that the woman who’s been sleeping with Jay is a close friend of known home wrecker, Claudia Jordan.

We first told you about Claudia Jordan’s frolicking with taken men earlier this year. Now, the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ holds true…in this case those birds are Cathy “Koreana” White (known to her close friends as ‘Kori’) and Claudia Jordan.

Sources tell us they first learned of Kori’s affair with Jay Z from her good friend, Jason Lee. We have since confirmed this report with several close associates of Hova. We’re told Jay Z is a good catch for Kori, since she’s openly admitted to only mess with “super rich guys” and that unless a man has a net worth of at least $50 million, she won’t pay him any attention. Last September, Kori and Claudia were spotted at Las Vega’s Tao nightclub, sitting at a table with Jay Z and Puffy (Beyonce was nowhere to be seen). We’re told the entourage was there to see the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Jauna Manuel Marquez. Additional details about the affair remain sketchy, but here’s what we can tell you about the woman at the center of this expose. Though Kori and Claudia seem to be tight, Claudia doesn’t seem to always uphold their relationship.

We’re told Claudia often runs Kori’s name to the ground, telling that her so-called girlfriend has a $100,000 dollars worth of bags and $200,000 worth of shoes, yet lives in a messy one bedroom apartment filled with scattered clothing. Plus, Kori’s relations with Jay Z seem to be rubbing Claudia the wrong way and sparking a bit of envy in the disgraced “Price is Right” model. That’s because she’s been heard mentioning that she has no idea how Kori pulls wealthier ballers then she does, and that by the looks of the way Kori keeps her home, her p***y must smell. But despite Claudia’s trash-talking, Koreana bought Claudia the most expensive birthday gift she’s received this year…a $3K Louis Vuitton bag.
This came out last year around this same time…. WOW…. This is like creepy as hell and of course this would happen after Beyonce just announced her pregnancy.. Man first Rihanna now this…. More skeletons are going to come out about Jay-z point blank period… I understand why no one can believe that Jay would do such a thing.. Because he never says nothing.. Mums the word….Smart cat, but your a Sag.. You put nothing past me the Aqua female.. He is hella sneaky and self indulged… lol still got love for him though…


Kory and Claudia were spotted partying with Jay-Z and Diddy last September at an after party for the Mayweather/ Marquez fight at the Tao Nightclub. Shortly after this photo was released, the young woman deleted her Facebook and Twitter pages. (photo taken from Google)


Claudia Jordan is such a hater, just look at her……..
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    Jay z n beyonce are devil worshipers the end..and many others they will pay in the end don’t support the devil works

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    I believe it.  He’s a Freemason.  They’re not faithful to their wives.  When you live for the devil , you’re gonna do things the devils way.

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