Jay Z Tells You What He Doesn’t Need: ” I don’t need a hundred b*tches ’cause my b*tch keep it one hundred”

jay z beyonce

Jay Z hopped on Partition, the remix to let the media know that he is all about his wife. Though he calls her a B**tch, I’m here for his tea spilling…. There have been many rumors of Jay stepping out on Beyonce’, but he is making it known that  he doesn’t need a harem of women because,  Beyonce keeps it all the way 100 and they will be with each other until death do them part!


“Wet, wet/ skeet skeeted on the Met dress/ uh, word to Ricardo Tisci/ She like, ‘Oh my God,’ I’m like, ‘Nice to meet me’/ Damn, girl, you got that Versace/ Left the curtains open for the paparazzi/ A little TMI for you, TMZ/ Hope I get my D-I-C on your E-Y-E/ Uh, the K silent, I’m a Brooklyn n—a/ I let the K (sound affect) on you lookin’ n—as/ It’s to the death case you wondering/ I don’t need a hundred bitches ’cause my bitch keep it one hundred/ One hundred…


So, we can stop speculating on whether he is being faithful or not… He just spilled his own tea…… Pay attention…. More pics of Blue and her cuteness below:

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  • KiaSoto

    blue’s pony tails are too cute

  • twanatells

    Blue Ivy hair is growing she look so cute with her 2 afto puffs