Jay Z Responds To Funk Master Flex

Jay Z All Glory is Fleeting

Last night former Nets owner Jay Z and Beyoncé were courtside watching the Clippers game at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California- Clippers beat the Brooklyn Nets 123 to 84.  The billionaire couple seemed to be enjoying the game, elbowing it up with Clippers owner, billionaire Steve Ballmer. 

Jay z Steve Ballmer



Jay Z was wearing his infamous Timbs, black denim and black shirt rocking a camouflage jacket with the phrase “All Glory Is Fleeting.” Knowing Jay Z will not entertain Flex’s rants– Jay seem to silence him with a simple dope outfit...???(we could be reaching)

Jay is so intellectual – his genius mind may be speaking in general – signifying his takeover and or  someone else’s down fall.  The phrase “All Glory Is Fleeting” signifies that at some point in your life you are celebrated for your accomplishments, however it doesn’t always last forever…..literally meaning  that “All glory is temporary” so this could be in general – not directly dissing Flex. Jay seems to be a straight shooter not so much a subliminal kind of guy, but what do you think, Flex diss or are we reaching??






6 thoughts on “Jay Z Responds To Funk Master Flex

  1. That reads more like an “in general kind of message” to me, but who knows what was going through Jay-Z’s mind when he put that shirt on. PEACE!!!

  2. if it wasn’t for these pictures you would not see me at all…..Jay is known to phuk up some careers so why would flex flex?

    1. I think that I get what you’re saying, “You don’t ask to be f-ed up”, which is what you think that Flex is doing…am I right? PEACE!!!

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