Jay Z Gets Dragged On Twitter For Not Speaking Out On The Barney’s Incident

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As I am listening to the Jay Z mix on Power 105 right now, Twitter was dragging him last night after the Barney’s incident where a black man was profiled while buying an expensive item. As you know Jay and Barney’s are collaborating together for the holidays and now that this has happened he has yet to speak out.

They are now wanting Jay to Boycott Barney’s and that is not going to happen…  So because of him not speaking out Twitter decided to go on their usual rant…….. The same people complaining aren’t doing anything of substance. That’s why it’s comical when they complain about which celebs aren’t speaking out.

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People are too dependent on what celebrities think, first of all he is not obligated to speak out because you were wronged by going into an establishment, I think every person of color has been through this…? It happens, but if you think Jay is going to speak on something that has nothing to do with him and affect his money, I highly doubt it. Plus this is funny to me because the scammers be in there everyday probably racking up..But Barney’s is racist ? Tell them NYC (Not All) chicks and boosters stop being hood rats stealing stuff and maybe they won’t have to side eye a regular black person coming in to actually buy an item.. I’m saying…. If I’m wrong let me know, because other people messes things up for others…..

  • Coffy Brown

    Damn they went in on him – He def needs to speak up – If he goes through with this merger – I think I would have a problem with that! I can afford to Shop at Barneys too – just aswell as a large number of my fam and friends – but I wouldnt step in that store to take a pis, let a lone make a purchase – We have got to stand for something –

  • Venessa Thomas

    He better say something!!

  • Gigi

    At the very least Jay should issue a statement and make Barney’s do some damage control with the situation they started. If that means paying those people then so be it. He doesn’t necessarily have to end the partnership but he needs to address it because he is taking a big hit because of them. If we really want change like I said black people need to stop shopping at Barneys and affect their money that’s the only way real change will occur. Furthermore just because some black people decide to steal doesn’t mean you profile every black person. I hate that way of thinking because if a white person steals they won’t wont bat an eye when another white customer comes in. So that’s some BS you are not going to profile me and disrespect me and get away with it because another black person was caught stealing.

  • MB

    @Ellen – Your beloved Jay Z sold his soul to the devil along time ago. He is not the face of change. Jay Z is all about a check.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      LOL… MB I am not going to go back and forth with you… I am about a check too but that doesn’t mean I would sell my soul… People always feel you have to carry them.. Jay owes nothing to these people out here… NOTHING. So I mean I understand how you feel… Well I kind of do… But this has nothing to do with him. So your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mines…

  • MB

    BTW – If this was Kanye West with a holiday collection at Barney’s and this discrimination had come to light, would be dragging his ass. Let’s not pretend you would not.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      Maybe, Maybe not… But Kanye is not doing anything fashion wise so we’ll just have to cross that bridge when that day comes…. And it looks like I’ll be crossing it forever! so…….

  • MB

    @Ellen – Why should Jay Z get a pass? Isn’t this the same man who said a couple of months ago that his presence was charity? So in wake of Trayvon Martin who was profiled and killed, we should not expect Jay Z to make a statement or end his relationship with Barney’s? The NY Daily News has blasted this on their cover two days straight and today they have Mr. Carter himself on the cover. Let me find out all Jay Z cares about is a check, that’s right what’s a check to #2 on Forbes list? Your idol is not perfect!!

    • Elle Youreallygetonmynerves Br

      LOL I don’t idolize Jay, but and so what that he is # 2 at the end of the day what does a person who is getting racially profile has to do with me making my miney? It’s wrong yes, but trust me there are people who go in that store and steal like crazy and use fake credit cards and gift cards and guess what color they are? BLACK! The majority anyway.. So Please miss me with what Jay should do…

  • KiaSoto

    good points Ellen

  • KiaSoto

    we love us some jay z meanwhile in Switzerland Jay Z is displaying the 33 K Hublot watch collab with Barney