Jay Z Causes Controversy Over Wearing Medallion of ‘Five Percent Nation’


The Carter’s who were seen at the Brooklyn Net’s game last week caused some controversy over Jay’s medallion chain that he wore as a fashion statement, but other’s were not amused. It actually caused an up roar because of the medallion’s meaning.


It actually represents the “Five Percent Nation” one of the main tenets of the Nation of Islam offshoot is that white people are ‘weak and wicked’ and that black men hold the power of God.

When asked if the medallion holds any importance to him, Jay-Z said: ‘A little bit’ Jay-Z was spotted wearing the nation’s symbol last year while giving radio interviews for his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, according to the Daily Mail.

A representative for the Five-Percenters said Jay-Z is not an active member and shouldn’t be wearing regalia unless he subscribes to their beliefs..

I’m sorry but the Carter’s love white people. People are reaching. Jay z just wanted to wear a big gold chain, it’s that simple…This is not new or shocking at all, he has been wearing this chain for about a year now. I remember Charlamagne asking him, what it was and the significance of it when he wore it on The Breakfast Club?.

He was a little coy, but said he got it from a friend. He insinuated that it stood for a new religious sect he was just getting to embrace

All through Jayz’s albums he has referenced the “Five Percenter’s.” But of course because of the hate and jealousy people will ignore what’s right in front of them. Even his entire verse on Jay Electronica’s song was 5%er lingo/mathematics…

Even Carmelo wears this chain:


 Let it go…. It’s not that deep… White people are a trip. Everything they do is based on their false notion of superiority but they are going to get weird about a damn chain? Chile bye!

  • Venessa Thomas

    No matter what him and Rihanna wear, either devil worship or something else will be said….smh

  • Wisdombody

    Every New York rapper uses 5% talk in their lyrics and jay-z has for a long time

  • mb

    It must be a slow news week for the media to concerned about the “chain” Jay Z is wearing.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn


  • KiaSoto

    lol i agree