Jay Z Beyoncé & Blue In Miami (Photos)

beyonce in miami


Beyoncé shared pictures of her new asymmetrical bob hair cut while hanging in Miami. 

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Guess who? Baby Blue and parents were spotted earlier today in Miami spending some quality time together.



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Gearing up for the encore performance of the Legends of the Summer tour Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue were spotted in Miami early today grabbing some lunch. Beyoncé is sporting a new bob hair cut- remember last week the superstar cut her hair super short. Beyoncé is rocking a white name brand tank and stonewashed short denim shorts. I am loving Bey’s sunglasses.

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The official Jay Z Dussé afterparty is at Mansion nightclub August 16, 2013.



Photo Credit BeyonceLite Twitter

ty hunter beyonce

Beyonce, Ty Hunter and the rest of her crew “Miami Nights”