Jay-Z, Drake Collabo Coming Soon

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My favorite rapper Jay-Z is in the studio working on his new album. Lenny S shared a picture on his instagram of Jay-Z  and rapper Drake with the caption “Warning: Please be very afraid of the music we’re working on, OVO x ROCNATION:

Jay, I NEED you on your  impeccable lyrics and metaphors that crowned you “Best Rapper Alive” – but please share your knowledge, emotions, success and skills so that your music touches souls, influence the youth and remember before you became a “Bourgeoisie, you were once a proletariat. 

Jay-Z is rocking a “Bourgeoisie”  shirt, (pronounced -bu(r)zh-wa-ze ) some of us get it, some of us are clueless. Some will go online to see where we can buy it, but are clueless to the meaning. Many of us admire Jay, and yes he is heroic in the black communities, creating history, great music and his influence is powerful, social and political. Jay-Z gives the youth hope because he was once a proletariat (lower class)  and now he has an empire, capital, wealth and property he is a self proclaimed Bourgeoisie.

But does Jay-Z  truly represent exactly how Karl Marx would describe Bourgeoisie ? 

According to Marx, the bourgeoisie plays a heroic role in history by revolutionizing industry and modernizing society; however, the bourgeoisie seeks to monopolize the benefits of modernization and exploit the property-less proletariat. Marx described the wealth of the bourgeoisie depended on the work of the proletariat. “Without this -it would be no that”, the rich survive only because of the laborers (poor).



Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a revolutionary German economist and philosopher, and the founder of the Communist movement. Marx was writing against a backdrop of great industrial change. Overcrowded, newly industrialized cities were expanding, and much of the working class lived in great poverty. Marx saw history as the story of class struggles, in which the oppressed fight against their oppressors. According to Marx, as history unfolded, the victory of one class would pave the way for the future freedom of the rest of society.


Just sharing some knowledge, I like to enlighten as I entertain….

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Anyway, back to the music Last week Jay Z and Raekwon was in the studio. By all means everyone knows I am a Jay-Z Fanatic, but I think he has a lot of yes men around him and I need this album to be about life teach these young guys “manners” and no glorifying drug dealing just Jay-Z on his great shit, please teach these young boys how to become “Bourgeoisie” as well.

Kanye is on his black power revolution and political aspect, I hope the message comes across and the fans will listen and learn from Ye.



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