Jason Collins Fiance’ Had No IDEA he Was Gay!

jason collins

Damn shame. Women investigate dudes you date thoroughly before sex, for your own peace of mind and sexual safety. I’ve heard stories of DL making men insisting on unprotected sex to “prove” masculinity!  Jason Collins who came out the closet and revealed that he is gay I guess forgot to tell his Ex-Girlfriend.


Carolyn Moo’s  had NO CLUE he was gay at the time of their relationship  … in fact, she only found out last weekend … and she was floored.

Carolyn Moos (who  played a few seasons in the WNBA) dated Collins for seven years and was  engaged to him until they broke up in 2009 … after Collins pulled the  plug on their wedding.

Carolyn tells TMZ, she never once  suspected he was gay, so the news is shocking. She says Collins  eventually confessed everything last weekend — just days before his big  announcement — and admitted that his homosexuality was the real reason  he ended things with her.

At the time of their break-up, Carolyn  says Jason gave a bunch of reasons for calling it quits … and she  could never understand what went wrong, until now.

Carolyn —  who’s back on the hunt for Mr. Right — says “It’s very emotional  for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a  husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to  understand.”

She adds, “I care about [Jason] tremendously and  only want the best for him. I want Jason to be happy for a lifetime and  stay true to who he really is, inside and out.” Why do black athletes love unattractive white women so much?


  • Venessa Thomas

    I can believe it….I mean ….look at her.. lol