Menace II Society Meets Baby Boy: Jaime Foxx Hosts Celebrity Charity Event In Trayvon Martin’s Honor


Jaime brought all the black stars together for an event in Trayvon Martin’s honor. Tyrese, Larenz Tate and Tyrin Turner came out to support Jamie’s fundraiser to raise money for Trayvon Martin’s family and the Trayvon Martin Foundation.



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Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton, along with his brother Jahvaris were there to receive a six-figure donation from Russell Simmons while legenda   ry actor Harry Belafonte gave a speech to the crowd. I feel for his parents everytime I see them, but this is big of Jaime to do…

While posting pics on Instagram, Tyrese and Tank both took time to write about their powerful night:

Tyrese: A powerful gathering of “Influence” organized by @iamjamiefoxx this brother and friend raised a lot of money on behalf of the Trayvon Martin foundation…. I showed up cause I’m uncomfortable with injustice .. Jamie Foxx I’m very proud of you and HOW you’re using your influence ..

Tank: We ALL showed up to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation event that @iamjamiefoxx put together! Let’s keep fighting and believing!. The kids are all that matter..



  • Coffy Brown

    I love Jaime for this! This is so so big of him, but he has a really great heart! Always show love to Trayvon’s parents and family – they have been through so much an are so resilient

  • Venessa Thomas

    Dam !! those black men look good….except Jamie

  • Meiqua

    Love me some Jamie Foxx

  • Gigi

    I respect the hell out of Jamie Foxx he has been riding for Trayvon Martin and his legacy from the beginning. He is still just as involved. Jamie Foxx is a real man and I respect that.

    • Kia Soto

      yes he has!!