Jaden Smith On Dating Kylie Jenner “It’s Awesome”


Jaden and Kylie Jenner are obviously dating and he opened up about it by saying that dating Kim’s sister is awesome. He says that she is one of my best friends. He was quite open when speaking with Wonderland Magazine.

It comes after speculation was  sparked when  Kylie was spotted at a Justin Bieber concert in London last month, where Smith  was performing as one of the opening acts. As the son of superstar actor and musician  Will Smith and actress Jada  Pinkett-Smith, the young teenager has a plethora of  experiences and  opportunities that most people could only fantasize  about.


Her recently joined his famous parents and 12  year-old younger sister Willow on a trip to the White House, where he had the  opportunity to chat with President Obama in the President’s Situation  Room. ‘I talked to President Obama about  extraterrestrials,’ he told the magazine. ‘He said he could neither confirm nor deny  the existence of aliens, which means they’re real. ‘If people think we’re the only people who  live in this universe, then something is wrong with them.’ Young love…… It’s cute…. She’s definitely taking notes from her sisters… Get it Kylie.

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