J. Cole Alleged Side Piece Reference Herself To Being Pregnant


She is such a lady, this chick alleges that she smashed J. Cole and tried to put him on blast about a month ago after hearing rumors of him getting engaged to his long time girlfriend that has been down with him from the beginning…Briaaaaal is her name, took a picture of her stomach, which clearly shows that she is pregnant making reference to one of his songs….  Sounds like a major come up to me… Honestly, these celebrities  need to get their side chicks together. Just meeting, getting your nut and giving a couple of gifts won’t do it. Talk to them and give them rules. This is getting out of control.


She has since deleted it… I don’t know why females think that this is cute,

And the caption is referencing his song lyric that says:
“Had a nikka’s baby, little man don’t know
Mama, was a freak, got it in on the low
12 years later when my song come on, he ask
“Mama, did you fock J. Cole?”

If this is true be prepared to hear this:


  • Coffy Brown

    bitches are just doing too much these days.. just too damn much!!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    The year of the female rats!!

  • Kalifiana

    Wait one cotton picking minute…is ol girl pissing on concrete? Possibly in front of a grocery store?! In house slippers, none the less?!? I CAN’T!

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn


  • mb

    Times have changed!! These women have no problem exposing it all to be relevant.

  • Gigi

    This is definitely a trend now. I swear these guys pick the nastiest and most trifling chicks to mess with. I have a theory that these side chicks are trying to trap these guys not only for child support but because so many of these athletes,rappers, and other famous men are wifing up ho’s. Some are even leaving their wives and girlfriends for side chicks and that gives these side chicks hope.

  • Nic


    • Coffy Brown

      Ratchet as hell