It’s Over: Lil Wayne Declares War With Karrine Superhead!


It seems that the end has come for the Lil Wayne and Karrine Steffans, who have been on and off for a “LONG TIME”. She recently posted, then later removed, a few snapshots of her recent ‘break-up’ with Wayne.  Captioning the picture as “End of an Era” Karrine….. This man hasn’t claimed you in the least . As  loose  as he is, he has no problem proclaiming a “relationship” with someone in public…. Out of all the trash he’s chosen,  you still remain unnamed except for a few songs.



I hate when Bitter females do messy stuff like this, Weezy never publicly claimed her.. EVER and now she wants to say they broke up ? Then she says that her perspective on their relationship came when she saw him with someone sub par… Girl! I wonder how his fiancee Dhea feels about their break-up? In 2012, there was rumors that Lil Wayne proposed to Dhea on Valentine’s Day and back in May on MTV series The Show with Vinny, referred to Dhea as his fiancee.




Karrine,  is a great liar with Sociopathic tendencies. What education has she had that has helped to convince her to to do bigger things after the success of her first book. That momentum has passed and now she’s scavenging for the few men who are thirsty enough to mess with her troublesome self. I’m sure she’s suffering from trauma from all the messed up people in her past, but she hasn’t done anything to overcome her demons and is bringing up her son in her mess of a life. She doesn’t  need sympathy and I’m sure she doesn’t want it, unless it leads to her making money.




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  1. She seriously thought he was in love? Are men like this even capable of such things? I’m not here to judge today but Karrine needs to get a life.

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