Is Rosie Perez Leaving “The View” After Four Months ?

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After four months, Rosie Perez  is taking a break from “The View,” Perez had taken off the entire month of January to appear in Broadway’s “Fish in the Dark,” but she will not be returning to the program as originally planned, insiders said. However “The View” and a rep for Perez says she will be back.

Variety reports:

Yet high-level network sources insisted that she will return to the talk show at the end of the month and and a rep for the program denied Perez’s exit from “The View.”

“Rosie Perez is currently in rehearsal for her Broadway play,” the “View” rep said. “Her status with the show has not changed.”

I guess we will see how this plays out. Stay tuned to TattleTailzz reporting the right and wrong doing in entertainment!

2 thoughts on “Is Rosie Perez Leaving “The View” After Four Months ?

  1. I read about this on Yahoo, yesterday, the article said that she will be back, & that she’s jus’ taking time off to do the Broadway play, I’ve been a Rosie Perez fan since Do The Right Thing, I don’t watch The View regularly, but I’ve been watching it this week because of Naya Rivera. PEACE!!!

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