Is Pilar Dating Slim From Cash Money?


I guess Money can really buy you love, but I wouldnt stare in his pupils for 1 million dollars.. lol According to Auntie Sandra Rose Pilar has a new sugar daddy and Slim is the main candidate. Slim reportedly is taking very good care of Pilar and her children, even tho she lost custody of them all.

Slim isn’t picking up her legal tab, but he provides her with everything else. They have been dating for almost a solid year and it’s suppose to be kept on the low, so If anyone asks Pilar about this, just expect her to DENY, DENY, DENY!!!!  Check out her kids wearing the supposedly customed YMCMB shirts he made for them below:




If this is true this heffa has upgraded, he’s ugly as sin but he owns Cash Money so I’m not mad at her, not mad one bit. Seriously though If he treats her better than Deion treated her, then good for her…..Not the most aesthetically pleasing looking man, but some women put up with crap from men that look worse and have nothing…..Do you Pilar!!!