Is O.J Simpson Dying From Diabetes, Doctors Claim He Only Has A Few Month To Live ??

oj simpson

Is O.J Simpson dying from diabetes? Several sources are confirming that O.J. Simpson has only three months to live. The Mail Online exclusively reporting that doctors have expressed concern that 66-year-old Simpson is suffering from a terminal case of diabetes due to his unhealthy life style and being behind bars.

‘OJ’s doctors have told him he could be dead in as little as three months because of his out-of-control blood sugar and blood pressure,’  an unidentified prison friend told The Enquirer.

‘But OJ doesn’t care. He knows he’s never going to get out of prison, so he refuses to take care of himself.’

Check out the full story at  Mail Online

  • Dexter

    I feel so sorry for this killer,,,,,not!

  • Redblooded American

    Bull feces! If you believe this, you’d believe he committed suicide in 2012 too!

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  • Robin in NJ

    Karma is a bitch! He should have been killed by lethal injection long ago. He should thank his lucky stars for every day he wakes up breathing!

    • Redblooded American

      Boy, you have some BAD karma Robin!

  • CosmoBeauty

    @Coffy Brown – Well stated!! The only thing you get outta life is what you put into it!

    OJ played the ” White Mans Cards,” and Whitey dealt him a hand he couldn’t play. This Nicca got outta double murder charges only to go to jail over some got damn memorabilia shit. His black ass outta rot behind bars just for STUPIDITY alone.

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog


  • Coffy Brown

    Well clearly he didn’t take care of himself when he was out either, couldn’t keep his ass out of trouble. I do feel sad for him, but what you put into the world is what you get out of it, no matter how tragic, heartbreaking, or awful it may be. Sorry to hear the news though!

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  • yazmar

    He definitely looks sickly…

  • Venessa Thomas

    He looks bloated and sick…sad

  • KiaSoto

    wow sad how life is