In Case You Missed It: The TLC Story

tlc crazy sexy cool

Last night was the premiere of the TLC story and I must say it was very good, especially Lil Mama she did Left Eye Justice, but they left alot of things out of this story and some people are truly upset… Crystal who played the first lead singer is heated as to how they portrayed her, even some people in Atlanta felt like why JD wasn’t involved as well… So much things…. But anyway check it out inside.



  • Venessa Thomas

    A lot was left out because before they treated Lefteye like shit

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  • Gigi

    Overall all the girls slayed the movie was really good in my opinion. It’s time to forgive lil mama now y’all lol. Yea they left a lot of things out but they can only put so much in. And if I was Crystal I would be more upset being kicked out of a group I created and seeing them be rich and successful. Truth be told she should have sued Pebbles,Laface &TLC years ago it was her idea and vision she claims. Because Tionne & Lisa were wrong for kicking her out her own group. She getting upset over a portrayal when you lost out on millions how do that sound I heard she a receptionist somewhere. Girl please have a seat.

    • Coffy Brown

      Im not sure if I was as happy with Drew as TBoz as much as I was with Keke and Lil Mama – they def slayed that shit!