In Case You Missed It: SWV Reunited Episode 1


Last night was the first episode of SWV’s new reality show “Reunited” I must say, I see why they broke up in the first place. First of all, Coko and Leelee are very jealous of Taj, especially since she married her baller boo Eddie George.  Coko acts like the diva for what? I don’t know and I use to love me some Coko..

LeeLee is hilarious I liked her and Taj the most, but you can tell that Coko always wanted to be the center of attention and her disdain for Taj truly shows, now their manager Cory was another side eye, especially when Taj was talking about meeting with Jeff Robinson who is a video director/manager and leelee was down, but  Coko was not here for it. When LeeLee said:  “Cory managed Coko’s gospel career. Jeff managed Alicia Keys. “SHADE  it was a no brainer… Check out the full episode below..



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  • Coffy Brown

    LeLee has always been my fave – Coko was doing some shady ass shit in that show – And WTF, who hires friends to manage a group – if it was just Coko, thats cool – but the group – he aint up for that! I loved the first show and cant wait to see next week’s episode – not disappointed at all but getting a real good look into why they broke up is exactly right – I love coko too growing up – ironically I was never Taj’s biggest fan – but when her and Eddie had that show Married a Baller on tv One – I feel in love with her – Im glad to see them coming back around and doing it together – maybe time was what they needed

  • GigiOnThat

    I missed it