How To Add Spice In Your Relationship

Every couple inevitably faces the time when they no longer feel the same storm of emotions in each other’s company like they did in the first days of their brides dating. It doesn’t mean that love has gone for good. Sooner or later even those relationships that have started with a blast of passion begin to lose the spark and become more or less balanced. This state of things has its own advantages, for it is just a natural stage that everyone experience in their relationships. But not all of people feel comfortable with this, and even start to search for a thrill on the side.

Here’s what you can do to spice up your relationships and to bring back the passion in your life.

  • Do something spontaneous. Plan a romantic weekend together, for example, in the cozy secluded house near the lake. It’s a perfect destination if you dream to get away from all the city noise and spend a quality time in the company of your significant other. If going out of town is not an option, at least pick a place where both of you have never been before. This would add a feeling of novelty, and all new is always good in the struggle against the routine of your everyday life.
  • Be honest with your partner. Talk to him/her about what you like and what you find annoying in your life together. Share your hopes and desires. Discuss the situation, and that you feel like there’s not enough passion anymore. But choose your words wisely if you don’t want to sound like it’s someone’s fault. Hiding your emotions and dissatisfaction can be harmful to your health, both mental and physical.
  • It’s important to look your best. Do you still remember how much effort you’ve put to look dashing when you were starting to date your partner? How carefully you dressed, did your hair, and used your favorite perfume. And what happened to you now? Of course, at home you want to feel comfortable, but it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to wear old pants and a shabby T-shirt. Respect yourself and buy new clothes. Also, think about your physical shape. When was the last time you went to the gym? You want to stay attractive to your partner and do nothing for that – you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?
  • Clean your bedroom from all the unnecessary things. If there’s a TV set in your room, place it somewhere else. If you want to continuously spend romantic evenings, the atmosphere in the bedroom has to be intimate and mysterious. Consider changing the lighting, make it milder. Or use scented candles and see how the ambiance in the room will change dramatically from dull to exotic. Remove the family photographs with kids from the bedside table. Another good idea would be to replace the old sheets with the ones made of silk or satin, or at least choose bright colors when buying bed linen.
  • When staying at home take a bath or a shower together. It will have a soothing effect on both of you, as well as open some new unexpected pleasures. Massage is also a very relaxing and great tool to set a romantic mood. Turn on the gentle or passionate music – whatever you think is appropriate – and enjoy every moment of intimacy.
  • Find an activity that both of you are interested in. For instance, join a dance club. Salsa, rumba, and tango are considered to be the most passionate and sensual dances. By attending the class you will kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you be able to add more spice to your relationship, you would also improve your physical shape.

Your love life was full of passion once before, it can still be this way. All you have to do is to not be afraid to experiment, be unpredictable, surprise your loved one and appreciate every moment that you spend together.