How Ciara Discovered Future Cheating With His Stylist, Custody Battle Brewing ?


This is getting messy with this Ciara and Future break up and even though there has been speculations on who Future could of cheated with, but the one that ultimately was the demise of their relationship was the one with his stylist, Tyrina Lee!

According to US Weekly:

According to the insider, Ciara learned of her man’s infidelity through the rumor mill, “She found out about the affair through multiple sources in recent weeks,” the insider tells Us. “There was clear evidence when she approached Future about the cheating. This was clearly not just a one-night thing.” Lee was Future’s stylist specifically for his music and photo shoots, as well as his personal shopper. According to the same insider, Ciara was “devastated” about her fiance’s betrayal.

Reports Sohh:

According to reports, both Ciara and Future wants primary custody of their child.

Since the split, has learned that Ciara wants to keep Future from spending time with their son because she finds him to be a “bad influence” and she is seeking legal counsel to get sole custody. We hear Ciara “feel burned” since his cheating happened while he was on tour and she was pregnant. Our insider tells us that she will “fight” him for custody but Future won’t just stand by and let it happen, “a custody battle is brewing … it’s bad.” (Hollywood Life)

Somebody in Ciara’s camp is clearly planting these stories, because she was just denying the break up rumors! Hopefully she will take this as a learning lesson and make better decisions…  I also think Future is still smashing his first son’s mother Brittini… In his single Rockstar, Future tells you how he feels about the women in his life: “I’m takin’ all my bitches, they say they takin’ the blame/
Don’t love one more than the other, I love em all the same/
I love em all the same”

I hope this experience makes her stronger. keep your head up, ciara.

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  1. Ciara is toooo fine and pretty to get cheated on!! Future is a stupid mutherfucker!! Now he has NO FUTURE!! LOL!!

  2. Why would Future want custody? He’s too busy getting women pregnant to waste time trying to raise one of his seed. Not believing that part…he runs too fast once those women become pregnant.

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