Hot 97’s Own Rosenberg Spills What Really Happened to Amber & Wiz’s Relationship


Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 spoke on the situation with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, it appears that his wife and Amber are really close and so she was able to get the real deal, which he’s decided to spill while on air. He did confirm that Amber and Nick Cannon are not messing around. It’s strictly business. This is very messy of Rosenberg, but I am here for it all!

He goes on to say that, they’ve been having problems before he went on tour, but Amber thought it would get better once he was finished, but that was not the case. Peter says that Wiz checked out and he didn’t want to be with her anymore. I mean if this is not getting shady… Remember I said Wiz was trying to troll the media throwing Amber Rose under the bus and insuinating that she cheated on him with the driver, which would question the paternity of their son ? Now she’s fired back with Rosenberg, backing her and telling her story.. I see what you did here Amber!

Amber caught Wiz with TWINS in a home Wiz owns (?) and she has keys to. The twins and Wiz have been in contact for 14 weeks maybe more. They go by the name of Jade and Ness, they look like they are models….  Here are the Twins he got caught with, their instagram if you want a better look! pretty girls..:




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  1. This was a cheap stunt by Rosenberg. Clearly the information he received was in confidence and he goes on his radio show to tell the world? I hope Amber is no longer friends with him.

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