‘Hit Em’ Up Style: Liberty Ross wins BIG Settlement Thanks to Kristen Stewart Cheating With Her Husband

Snow White & The Huntsman Australian Premiere

Thanks to Kristen Stewart Liberty Ross has racked up in her divorce from, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders ..  Kristen cheated with her then husband and it was caught by the paparazzi and because of that it was an open and closed case.. Look at everything she acquired inside.

According to the settlement agreement … obtained by TMZ, Liberty gets:

— the family house
— 2 other London houses
— $25,000 a month in spousal support for the next 4 years
— $14,000 a month in child support for their 2 children
— 15% of profits Rupert gets from his new movies
— half of bank accounts, retirement, etc

Rupert ONLY gets to keep the Malibu beach house and a 1970 VW van. And to add insult to injury she is now dating Jimmy Iovine….. Talk about coming up… That’s how you do it, if you KNOW they messed up and a piece of crap, don’t run to the tabloids or make a scene in these streets, lay low and hit that those POCKETS!!!!!  Now she is getting some of that Beatz by dre and Interscope money! 


Someone needs to give her Attonrey’s number to:

Pilar Sanders
Mary Harvey
Siovaughn Wade
Sheree Whitfield

And every other black woman who has been ished on during their divorce.

  • http://calvinblanco.com Calvin Blanco

    good for her

  • soprettichelle

    White girls know how to play the game!

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Yessss. I have to agree with you on that…