Has Karreuche Turned Her Back On Chris Brown ?

karrueche chris brown

Well there seems to be  a little trouble in paradise before Chris got into his issue when arrested, this could possibly explain his hostility, I didn’t know that the pair actually were on break as of last week. When Karreuche learned of Chris being arrested she stated that she hated waking up to bad news.

According to reports they got into a heated situation last week after she suggested that she moves back into the his home that they once shared. Of course Chris flipped out and was not trying to hear that. Chris feels that she is trying to Suffocate him, ‘Chris got really mad and told her, “Why can’t you just be happy with what we got?” and “Why are you always trying to ask for more and more? I do all this s*** and you’re not grateful.”‘ 

I guess this is the thanks a woman who basically has been then through the fire and rain. This is why ladies never put your life on hold to follow a man, because he will never respect you or appreciate it,  please take notes…. DO NOT be with an ungrateful man, the signs are always there..Always have your life…  ALWAYS…. I guess that was the last straw and what apparently caused her to leave. Since his arrest she hasn’t rushed to be by his side. Just sad…