Gwen Stefani Confirms She’s Having A Baby Boy


Gwen Stefani  was clearly hoping for a girl, but instead she found out she was having a boy. She posted the information on her Instagram, by saying, I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys

She may have to bite the bullet and have a fourth child to get a girl like Victoria Beckham….

  • Coffy Brown

    She is so gorgeous! Wishing them the best – and a healthy baby too! Loveme some Gwen

  • Venessa Thomas

    Another one???? Congrats!! 2-her

  • Nic

    I really like Gwen! I always have… and her LA.M.B fashion brand has been kicking out pure dopeness since it launched years ago. She is so stylish! Congrats to her! ♥