Guy Recalls The Moment When Derek Jeter Took His Girl


Derek Jeter is too fine, this guy on Twitter went on a rant about the time Derek Jeter came on to a girl he was dating right in front of him. I mean this was a couple years ago, but the fact that he is bringing it up after all these years must mean it still hurts…

I hear Jeter has rep for giving his one night stands parting gifts the next morning, such as gift baskets and etc…

LOL Check out him out talking about the Major L he took to Derek Jeter…….

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5 thoughts on “Guy Recalls The Moment When Derek Jeter Took His Girl

  1. jeter or not im not gonna stand by and let another man jut take my girl jeter would have had to throw some blows.

  2. Hahahahahaahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really laughing and crying real tears! I CANNOT deal! Lololol

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