Gilbert Arenas Secret Baby Mother Writing A Tell All and Will Possibly Be Cast On BBWLA ?



Well Basketball Wives LA may very well be entertaining this season, maybe this explains Laura’s rant about Shaunie catering to jump off’s, instead of real Basketball wives or girlfriends.  Laura as well as her sister have been kicked off and won’t be back next season. Shaunie has casted a new chick and she has ties to Laura’s fiance Gilbert Arenas, apparently she is his other baby mother.

According to FDM, a source sent them a tip on what’s about to go down and I must say it’s pretty juicy..

 VH1 is currently filming the third season of “Basketball Wives LA” and Brooke Bailey, The Govan sisters, and Bambi will not be returning, VH1 decided the audiences did not take well to their additions during the 2nd season and instead of canceling the LA spin-off, which was originally spoken about after the 2nd season, VH1 execs opted to keep the LA franchise and just add new cast members. Without giving away too much, VH1 is seriously thinking about casting _______, Gilbert Arena’s secret baby mother whom he paid for to have an abortion because he was still with Laura when_______ got pregnant, but she pocketed his abortion money and had the baby. VH1 and Shed Media are interested in _______ because she plans to air out Gilbert and Laura’s dirty laundry, which would definitely boost ratings. And she is also writing a tell-all book about her “dealings” with other professional ball players. The third season of “Basketball Wives LA” will definitely be much more entertaining than last seasons.”

I guess this is the claim to fame, getting pregnant, pocketing abortion money in hopes of getting a show or being on ratchetness.. It seems to work. Maybe that is why Laura doesn’t like Draya because she still hasn’t confirmed who the father of her son is and to be honest he looks just like Gilbert. You never know.. I guess for legal reasons the blog exed out the girls name. here is some potential fuckery afoot.   I sees you,  Shaunie. I see you!!!! But I will find her name out…. I have to know…

  • Meiqua

    WOW! I guess they trying to get the ratings up for BBWLA!

    • Coffy Brown


  • Coffy Brown

    wow – who is the jumpoff, I need to know, @ Elle, please get the goods boo! Gilbert uis such a cutie, this is some bs, I was really diggin Brooke, but I be they gon bring that bi-polar as Miss Christie back! SMH – It does sound like its gonna be juicy though.. Cant wait!!!! Im happy malaysia is still safe, BBWLA be swallowing and spittin bitches back up like it aint no thang..

  • MrsGrapevine

    Secret to whom, everyone knows Gilbert Arenas cheats on Laura. We just don’t know her identity, yet, but I doubt she’s a real secret.


    I never get how a man, a black man can live such a shady life… one baby mother here, and another there… how can a man see his action in this manner as ultimate happiness in life. I just don’t get it. It only makes men and specifically black men look bad- as stereotype on our community is single father house-holds

    • Kia Soto

      be either, its saddened me it has become a scycle

    • Kia Soto

      be either, its saddened me it has become a cycle

    • Coffy Brown

      It ain’t just black men boo, white men, latin men, Greek men, italian men.. they all do it!

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  • mb

    I had no idea that Gilbert allegedly has an outside child. Now that you mention it, Draya’s son does favor Gilbert. This will be interesting.

  • Venessa Thomas

    these chicks are trip