George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West ?


As we all know George Zimmerman has been shopping around a celebrity boxing match against him and he has had a few takers, The Game being one of them…. But he has one person in mind and that is Kanye West, because he has a history of preying on defenseless people. If that’s the case, he should kill himself and rid us all of the emperor of attacking and subsequently murdering defenseless people. And for the record, Kanye would beat the stew out of his fat, eggs-stuffed-into-a-sock shaped ass.  Promoters for Zimmerman’s upcoming celeb boxing match tell us he badly wants to step in the ring with Yeezus. The promoters are deliciously Machiavellian — knowing for many it will become a choice between 2 evils … thus becoming a must-see spectacle.

We’re told George’s beef with Kanye is not just that he attacks paparazzi … but the innocents as well — like the 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim an “N***** lover.” The promoters say if Kanye takes Zimmerman up on the offer … they’re willing to move the fight to L.A. If he wants a fight, he needs to only walk down the street without his gun and he can get all the ass whooping he wants. Trust me, people want him and wouldn’t mind putting hands to him…

Source: TMZ

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  • Coffy Brown

    This shit is bananas – Im too through with this article! -0 Will he just die already!?!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye wish someone would just kill this bitch and let there be world peace!!!

  • Gigi

    George Zimmerman is drowning in debt and craves attention that’s why he is doing this celebrity match crap. Nobody should pay this psycho any attention because if this had been a black man it would be all over the news channels especially FOX news how he is a murdering psycho. Only in America can a black child’s life be worth nothing. I feel sorry for Trayvon’s parents this man just keeps spitting in their face and flaunting how he got away with murder.

  • mb

    I can’t believe the media is giving George Zimmerman publicity. Yes, this is publicity. This man killed an innocent, defenseless young black teenager. If this had been an innocent, defenseless white child the press would ignore it and not fuel the fire.

    • KiaSoto

      Exactly I will only let him keep battling his demons and fuck him and whatever person tries to fight him like he aint shit and if u participate in a fight to allow this animal to make money ——BYE