Geno Smith’s Jump Off Jackie Presley Has More To Say About Him, Future and Other Celebrity


Even though Geno Smith is not paying this girl any attention, she is still talking about him. Our friends over at Real Entertainment News recently spoke to Jackie Presley about recent love  (got played) experience with Geno Smith.

Jackie Presley has turn the internet and the NFL upside down. She recently outed Geno Smith who is the Quarterback for the New York Jets. I had the opportunity to do an exclusive phone interview with her where she opened up about her view and why she outed Geno Smith. She also talks about her dealing with famous Rapper Future and other male celebrities.

Geno Smith Meet Jackie Presley In North Carolina
They stayed at a Hotel together the first night when they met in person. Jackie if from Atlanta
Geno Smith Found her and hunted her down on Instagram and got her number
He asked her to come to New York To See Him
He give her cap fare to come to New Jersey to stay the night with him but when it was time for her to leave in the morning, he did not give her cap fare back to New York and left to go to the gym.
Out of being angry she then sent his nude pic’s to Baller
She said she did not know that he had a girlfriend and she can see how this can look like a jump off situation
She also talks about dating 2 NBA players and dating Rapper Future
  • ErikaKane

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  • Coffy Brown

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  • Venessa Thomas

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  • mb

    What is the purpose of her coming forward? Is she trying to gain some type of fame from this? Women get played every day, that doesn’t mean you need to run to the press.

    • Coffy Brown

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