Gabrielle Union Defends Dwyane Wade’s Antics & Love Child

gab union

Gabrielle Union took to twitter to express her thoughts on Dwyane Wade’s new son. Standing by her man and defending their love the actress expresses the goal is to be whole in a relationship not perfect. Dwyane Wade’s newest addition to his family has made his bond to Gabby tighter? The child was born a few weeks ago, and the ring came after the baby. Being that Gabrielle Union is a strong black woman she can accept and forgive the flaws that weak men posses. I wonder if Dwyane Wade will seek custody of new baby and let his future wife raise the baby as their own?? Wait why wasn’t the baby in the Family Christmas card! 

Peep Gabrielle Union’s tweets:

“The goal is NOT perfection… The goal is to be whole,

That “you complete me” mess is total crap… Work on YOURSELF. Become whole, healthy & happy & watch what happens

If u are unhappy/angry/resentful w/ ur life, before u pt the finger & place blame/shame on others… Look at urself. WE control our own destiny

Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. U never lose when u work on yourself


  • Coffy Brown

    I agree with what she was sayin – not necessarily in defense of him – but its the truth – but this shit here is just a bit more messy than your average bear – but if dshe got the strong back for that nigga to lean up against – more power to her – No one has to live their life but them – and if they can make it work – then maybe thery are where they need to be -time for everybody to stop checkin the bs and check the record – she aint goin nowhere.

  • Nicola Gossips

    She should have gotten engaged in the new year. They should have introduced the kid on the Christmas card. That whole admission that they split up for a time that came out a few weeks ago is all part of their publicist’s master plan.

    • Gigi

      I agree with publicist’s part all of this seems pre planned to me. Dwyane saying a couple of months ago they took a break was very calculated because he knew all this would come out. Gabby conveniently being out of the country when this news dropped.

  • GigiOnThat

    Please don’t tell me it’s by a white chick :-(

  • AK

    I respect her for that… he p rolly gave her the ring cause she can deal with him. Plus she was a jump off when he was married….. so she know the game. She playing a role… and that will be wife!

  • Gigi

    The fact that Gabrielle is trying to defend this mess speaks volumes about herself. This working on yourself she is preaching is BS. She is trying to deflect the attention that her man cheated on her and fathered a child and he proposed only after the fact. She finds new ways to look stupid.

    • Elle Brooklyn


  • Venessa Thomas

    Where’s the baby??

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