Gabrielle Union Avoids Questions About The Drama on Live With Kelly and Michael


Gabrielle Union was on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning promoting her new show that comes on tonight on BET, Being Mary Jane. Gabby really put her brave face on and gave her first interview since the whole baby fiasco came out and with a straight face too…

I really have to give her credit for not going there with the negativity, she kept it positive only discussing her engagement to Dwyane Wade and the ring he blessed her with.

On the proposal:

“I was completely surprised. He and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day having family time. Go to lunch. He said, do you want to do your hair or makeup? I was like, ‘No.’ We were going from there to Our house that is under construction and I was dressed for a construction site.”

“So the boys are like, can we do a presentation for you. So me and D turn around and then the boys say, ‘OK we’re ready.’ And we turn back around and they’re holding signs that say “Nique, will you marry us?”

But the thing is, they ask me all the time. So I was like, ‘Well this is embarrassing. Now they bring in signs.’ So I turn to D and he was down on one knee. And he was like, would you marry us? And I was like, ‘Oh you’re serious?! Oh, of course! ‘ The kids thought I was saying no, and I’m like ‘Yes, Yes!’  And then they tear up the stairs…”

I’m mad at how she emphasizes the word happy every chance she gets now..

  • mb

    Gabby’s publicist gave them a list of questions they could discuss with her. It makes sense to discuss DWade, the engagement only and the new show only.

  • Coffy Brown

    She did what she was supposed to do .. Kudos for not letting them turn a good mood into an awkward one! Whether we like it or not – So lets just congratulate and not hate – cause they are together and loving it and wheter Iike it or not – you have to respect that their love is strongert than the both of them and they seem to be happy – so thye like it – I love it cant wait to see the wedding invites

  • Firecracker

    Gabrielle’s so gorgeous. She deserves so much better.

  • Venessa Thomas

    She winning though. Regardless of what he did, she got him.

  • Gigi

    Of course she is not going to discuss her man’s infidelity because it’s just a reminder of how stupid she is and why her man really proposed to her.