Future’s Security Gets Jumped By The Rolling 60’s at Greystone Manor Night Club Over Money Future Owes The Gang ?

photo 1TattleTailzz Exclusive: Ciara and Future were partying together after the BET Awards 2013  Sunday night at  Greystone Manor night club, word on the street is Future’s  security guard Rosco was attacked by the LA Based gang the Rolling 60’s for a debt Future owes. It appears  they were trying to get to Future but attacked his security guard, according to the source Future owes the Rolling 60’s money and the nightclub security got Future and Ciara out in time before the Rolling 60’s reached him,  but we are told his security (Rosco) is still hospitalized.  If you were there you witnessed the chaos  the cops were everywhere from the helicopters above to patrolling the parking lot. We are told the ambulance rushed Rosco to the hospital. Story still developing so stay tuned to TattleTailzz for updates.


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13 thoughts on “Future’s Security Gets Jumped By The Rolling 60’s at Greystone Manor Night Club Over Money Future Owes The Gang ?

  1. Isn’t this the second time these two went to an event together where they encountered some trouble? Bad luck or coincidence? Hmmm…

  2. this guy need to take care of his business with that Man in Detroit. Rollin Rollin Rolliiiiinnn

  3. Ever since Future and ciara got together there has been an exces of drama in both their lives! I mean in the past month alone, everything regarding them has to do with money, The need to do some closet cleaning as a couple and Future need to pay his debts, he making too much money for that. What if the club guards couldn’t stop the Rolling 60’s?????

  4. yeah i’ve heard that Future be jumping ship on parties from different promoters…smh

  5. I don’t know who fed you guys this story but it’s so false. Lol. You really think if LAPD sent out a bunch of police & helicopters it wouldn’t have been reported on the news or reported way before now? Plus, nobody in the club that night said anything about anybody being “attacked”. I can’t with this story.

  6. Why won’t Future and Ciara own up to contracts they sign and obligations they agree too? Ciara gets served papers on stage while performing, Future the same. People must know you have to do the right thing

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