Future & Ciara Now Engaged!

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We know this couple does what they see every other couple do, and now after the recent Kimye engagement, Future follows in Kanye footsteps and gives Ciara a 15 carat diamond engagement ring on Ciara’s birthday!  A surprise engagement, to her baby daddy, with a 15 carat ring, on her birthday. Where have I heard this story before?

Ciara who is expecting her first child with Future also accepted his wedding proposal. According to reports the couples publicist has confirmed their engagement. Future and Ciara have been dating for a year. No wedding date has been set.

 Publicist Chris Chambers confirmed to the  Associated Press, saying she was already celebrating her 28th birthday in New York when he proposed. Future, real name Nayvadius D. Wilburn, is currently in the middle of a tour with Drake.


Ya’ll know Ciara is a follower. Engagements and babies are  the new career boosters when your fame starts to fade. Congrats to the instant mom. It’ll be like the hood version of the Brady Bunch, the jokes will write themselves. Oh and one of his Jumpoff’s comes out to say something to CI-ARA


14 thoughts on “Future & Ciara Now Engaged!

  1. Well I will say congrats – but how hopeful are we that this works out – I def dont want to see her get engaged , married, have a kid just to get divorced – not a good look – I feel if your gonna at least go through allthat – a first for a first! Nigga got 4 kids and is gonna marry her? All I can say is I hope they blend well and none of this comes to pass – I do wish them well –

  2. Really? I had no idea. I’ve been too busy fighting with @Ellen on here with her constant Kanye & Kim hate. This is definitely interesting.

      1. Indeed they do – Kim and Kanye can start a discussion in any forum lol – but nothing like this one here! lol

  3. Men act right when they want to. Doesn’t matter how many kids you have from him or how pretty you are. People have to be compatible.As long as he treats her right and respects her.. congrats to them.

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