Full Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer “Too Hot For T.V.”


The other day Beyonce’ dropped a teaser trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey because she did an exclusive version of Crazy in Love, but the wait is over. Here is the full trailer of the upcoming movie that is set to make it’s debut February 14,2015…

On “Today,” Savannah Guthrie admitted that NBC only showed a portion of the trailer — some of it, including the bondage scenes were too raunchy for daytime television — but the entire tease is available online.  The erotic thriller, based off the first novel in E. L. James’ romance trilogy, stars Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, and Rita Ora, who plays Christian Grey’s sister.Watch below.

Loved the crazy in love remix. So this is about two mediocre looking people having whats supposed to be erotic taboo sex while having CW inspired intense conversations?

One things for sure, I bet it will have a hard core fan base like Twilight.. Get ready for them to over saturate this movie….

  • ShelbyMoore

    That looks wack. Both actors are ugly. Yt ppl will eat it up because they’re the ones that made this stupid book a best seller.