Former NFL Player’s Wife Killed By His Mistress

Bad choices lead to worse consequences…. Lisa Brown, 49, of Lithonia, GA was having an affair for years with former NFL Buffalo Bills player Buster Barnett, 56. Brown found out Barnett was planning a trip with his wife and was mad he didn’t notify her as his of the trip. Brown went to his job to confront him, then she went to HIS HOUSE driving a car registered to HIM to KIDNAP his wife. Sandra Barnett, 58, wife of Buster Barnett and a special needs teacher at McNair Middle School was at home on the phone when Brown came to the Barnett family home in Ellenwood, GA.



Sandra Barnett didn’t know who Lisa Brown was, but Brown forced her at gunpoint into the car. Sandra’s friend on the other end of the phone notified a male friend to go check on Sandra and the police were called. Brown handcuffed the wife and drove down I-20W in the white Dodge Durango owned by Buster. Brown was chased by Caroll County Police Department and  Alabama State Police. After realizing she had NO WAY OUT, she pulled over near exit 208 and killed  Sandra Barnett and then turned the gun on herself. Brown a former teacher was currently on probation for KIDNAPPING her child who she lost custody of.

How horrific is this tragedy…two families ruined because Barnett chose to cheat.


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