Floyd Mayweathers Baby Mother Josie Gets Married



And it’s not to Floyd’s trifling self, Josie Harris the mother of his three kids has finally jumped off the Mayweather train and found her a man she can call her own. The guy above is supposed to be her new husband, his name is “Nelly” too! I need for Josie to post a marriage license to let us know it’s REAL. Don’t be like Stevie J and Joseline and lie about your marriage….Instagram that Marriage License Josie!


According to Baller Alert:

You may remember Josie as being the mother of three of Floyd Mayweather’s children and at one point accused Floyd of physically assaulting her. Well it’s clear that Josie has moved on, even announcing that she is married on Instagram.

The mystery man has not been identified yet. She keeps his face hidden pretty strategically on social media but a little snooping leads me to believe that he may be a man that goes by the name Nelly, no not THAT Nelly, but ‘nellydabarber’ a celebrity barber.







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