Floyd Mayweather Won His Bet and Collected $6.9 Million


Yesterday we posted how Floyd placed a bet on the heat for $5.9 Million that they would win Game 7 and  I know he was happy, but he won with interest and collected over 6.9 Million… Mayweather – the highest earning athlete in the world – put down the bet on Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and the Heat, Vegas Gambling Steam tweeted before the game. LeBron James’ team were a seven-point favorite against the Pacers, and luckily for Mayweather, the team ended up destroying their rivals 99-76, doubling the sports star’s money.

Mayweather apparently made the  bet just after he signed a six-fight $200 million with Showtime and agreed to fight Canelo Alvarez in September for some $40 million.  The sports star is no stranger to gambling, and winning, but even for him the almost $6 million wager is extreme. Go ahead Floyd… They don’t call him Money Mayweather for nothing!