Floyd Mayweather and Latest Girlfriend Liza Hernandez is a Major Bird, Slept With Most of the NBA and Industry ?

floyd liza hernandezFloyd Mayweather Jr and his newest girlfriend Liza Hernandez was spotted in Panama, this is where she is from, but after reading about Liza, she gives us Panamanian’s a bad name…Anywho we hear Liza has gotten  around with the Lakers such as the head honcho Jerry Buss who is the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers…..  Liza has also been with  Derek Jeter, and entire NBA teams. Floyd truly picked a winner this time..

Someone even went on a Yahoo Message Board  and revealed all the men she Liza ever slept with, this is an old post… This was before social media…. someone must of really hated her check the list below:

From: “caligiggles81” <laangel826@…> 
Date: Wed Jun 16, 2004 11:15 pm 
Subject: Laker groupie- LIZA HERNANDEZ 

if you’re curious to know who she’s been with in the past
year….here are a “couple” of the guys she’s been spotted with at a
public place…

gary payton 
jarvis hayes 
katt williams
shemar moore 
vin diesel 
mark wahlberg 
nick cannon
ja rule (in his video)
corey magette 
devean george
kareem rush 
luke walton
derek fisher
jamal sampson
vincent jackson
dennis rodman
kenyon martin
terrell owens
jerome bettis
marcellis wiley
jerry buss 
richard jefferson
wilmer valderrama
Laz Alonzo
Kwame Brown

Liza has Kim Kardashian beat in the ho’ing department…  It seems like Floyd is happy, especially in this picture below where they took a private jet to panama… I see that she is a  seasoned THOT…. Get it LIZA.. I wonder if Floyd will have her on his arms at the ESPY’s…. To think, she used to be friends with his ex, Ms. Jackson…



Did you know she tried her hand in music… Check out her music video below: