Is Fantasia Pregnant Again?

Yes you read right, according to Daily Mail and MTO (we know MTO not always credible) she is pregnant AGAIN.. ANTWAUN must have some good wood.. Are you really though? Barrino announced her pregnancy in front of a crowd at a charity event in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend.

Barrino said the crowd was the first group of people she decided to publicly tell about her new baby. The singer commented on the fact that for a time, she was worried what people would say about her because of the pregnancy, especially since it’s assumed that her former lover, Antwaun Cook is the father, and his affair with Barrino but her in the news.

And not in that good news type of way. But she stated that she’s decided not to live her life for other people. Go ahead and free yourself, girl! When Barrino was last seen vacationing with Cook sometime last month, that’s where pregnancy rumors hit an all-time high. The singer pranced around in a one piece with a noticeably larger stomach and a few pounds packed on her. Her reps denied it though, claiming she was putting on weight to play Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming biopic.

This will be the second child for the singer with Cook. We won’t flat out say Cook is the father because you see where assuming gets you (see Lauryn Hill’s pregnancy for example), plus, Barrino hasn’t come out yet to say he is or isn’t. You wonder why people flock to Beyonce… You wonder why…

  • Anitrayj

    Thsi info seems to be the same as the info givn when seh announced her pregnancy for the baby she just had for him. Its looks duplicated. If this his second child by Cook you are referencing then I think you made an error(dates say  so I assume you are talking the new preganancy)