Exclusive: Ex-Basketball Wives Reality Star Jennifer Williams Signs A Record Deal

jennifer williams

Guess who is the studio working on their first solo album, you will not even believe it, because I don’t believe it either. Unfortunately there is some truth to it. Word on the street is former basketball wives reality star Jennifer Williams has a record deal thanks to her new boo who are heavy in the industry!

Here’s what the insider told TattleTailzz:

‘The music industry is filled with crazy gimmicks! How in the F#*k did Jennifer Williams get a record deal? Honestly, What is going on? She has never once mentioned “music” on or in any of her business ventures. Even on Basketball wives she was just so plain jane. This is hilarious, and what kind of audience is she going to target over 40 and fab? Lets be real! Jennifer is boring AF!! What will she sing about? I can see a modeling deal, but a record deal!, I’m at a lost for words!” Music has turned into to comedy and its sad. These wanna be artists are making a mockery of music!!! I find it appalling. I really believe Jennifer Williams think she is the black Paris Hilton that is why she tries to imitate her to the fullest. Except the marriage part. Everything from music, to cosmetics…. I need for you to stay in your lane, and whatever that lane is, because music is not your fortay! They are going to autotune her voice to death…. Story is developing!

For all the non believers—Christmas night guess who was in the studio

jennifer williams in the studio working on her album


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