Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall Beefing?

eddie arsenio

Former best friends Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall  now enemies?? What could possibly be the problem, while accroding to several reports Arsenio is pissed Eddie Murphy thinks he was too good to make an appearance on Arsenio’s new talk show. 

Here is what our friends over at  Yazmar is reporting:

Arsenio Hall’s longtime friendship with Eddie Murphy exploded into a bitter feud after the comedy legend snubbed Arsenio’s request to appear on the premier of his new talk show! Arsenio has been rounding up big-name guests for his return to late-night TV this fall, but when he approached Eddie, the former Saturday Night Live star told him NO WAY!

Sources say Eddie, 51, put his foot down because he believes Arsenio has been capitalizing on their friendship for years and is just trying to use him for a quick ratings boost.And Arsenio, 58, is miffed because he believes his former pal is envious of him jump-starting his career while Eddie’s movies are fizzling at the boxoffice.



  • Yazmar

    Eddie Murphy movie career is a complete joke, and Arsenio is a certified hasbeen

  • MrsGrapevine

    Ummm Arsenio is not on top. His show hasn’t even aired yet. Eddie Murphy will be alright. I agree with Eddie, he’s supported Arsenio plenty!

  • Gossipwelovecom

    Hate to see lovebirds fight lol

  • Divawhispers

    ohh a little lover’s quarrel lol

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  • http://TractHerTrailHer.com/ Meiqua

    Chile bye…

  • http://www.facebook.com/twana.tells Twana Tells

    If they don’t both sit they old azzes down smh

  • Venessa Thomas


    • Kia soto

      Exactly when one os down the other normally doesnt support