Dwyane Wade Puts A Ring On it!

dwyane wade gabby union after game

I mean not literally, at least not yet anyway, but he did bless Gabrielle with her own NBA Championship ring. According to Page Six, the actress, who recently turned 41, was celebrating her born day at the Hyde Lounge at American Airlines Arena after the Heat’s season opener earlier this week.


dwyane-wade-gabrielle-union (1)

D-Wade had received his team’s championship ring earlier that day and though he had to fly to Philadelphia Wednesday night for the Heat’s game against the 76ers, he made a cameo at Hyde to gift Gabby with her sparkly new piece.

“Wade walked in with a gift-wrapped box, opened it with her and put it on her finger,” a source said. “He was there for under five minutes.”

Union continued the night with her girlfriends for a surprise dinner at Catch Miami, sipping on Moët champagne and rocking out to music. Good for Gabby, but when is she going to get that real ring?

  • Coffy Brown

    i know he loves her, you can tell – I like that they are taking their time and doing it their way! They will get married – mark my words – And she is on a huge come up with her Mary Jane series coming on regularly sstarting in January! Get it Gabby – there is no rush – keep doing what yall doin!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye think he REALLY REALLY LOVES HER regardless of what he does!!

  • MB

    Did he do this to makeup for all the cheating he’s been doing? Really, this did not need to be in Pagesix of the NY Post.

  • Nic

    She will get it as soon as his baggage disappears. Poor Gabby, I know she has been through the fire with this man and his ex wife. I’m sure there’s all kinds of foolishness she is dealing with on a regular basis from that woman. She has to love him to stick around for that. She’s pretty and smart. She could easily get a baller with less drama.