Draya’s Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Put On Blast For Trying To Get Back With Ex

anaIn this day and age men keep forgetting how “women, hoes and chics” do not mind putting them on blast online. Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick who is also Draya’s boyfriend was put on blast for trying to get with an ex via instagram? 

raya's man trying to holla on line


Mamacita_ana took to instagram to call out Orlando who apparently is trying to hook up with her, she posted pictures of old text messages and also @ (at’ed)  draya’s name in post! B*tches be bold! When will these dumb dudes learn!




aug 15

Draya is def is an upgrade!! But in all fairness you get what you give. Draya didn’t show any remorse when she was screwing around with

men that were in relationships and now the tables have turned. Karma is real! Ana was wack though, she doesn’t get a pass –
She is extra wack for that phone screen being cracked. She should make sure her stuff is straight, because that phone is looking real messy right about now. How are you trying to put somebody on blast and you’re too cheap or probably too broke to get another screen for your phone ho’s I tell you?

Jock and Stiletto Jill 

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  • Coffy Brown

    Lmao – bitches are so mellowdramatic – I can’t – everybody wanna shine – but the glow aint for errbody! I cant say much more than that –

  • Nic

    I don’t blame these chicks. Somebody has to blast these dudes. Maybe we don’t do it enough.

  • mb

    Yeah, Draya is an upgrade. However, I knew this type thing would happen. Draya constantly puts her relationship on front street and what comes with that is people trying to blast her.

    • Nic

      Chicks are so thirsty to show that they are “kept” when in fact they aren’t at all. Draya stay flexin on IG like u said. I like Draya but not much to her. Currently living rent free and dealing with shyt she doesn’t have to deal with from this ni**a to keep her and her son fed and clothed. That’s a hard life.

  • MrsGrapevine

    That phone shows why she has to be so messy, she need her sponsor back.

  • Venessa Thomas

    I swear, these chicks!!