Draya Quitting Basketball Wives LA ?


In a recent interview Draya hinted that she may quitting Basketball Wives LA,  and that her new boo Orlando is willing to pay her salary in order for her to bounce…

Draya tells Big Boy’s Neigborhood:

“You know what? I think it’s been really hard on my boyfriend. We watch it together and he’s came to the point already. It’s been episode one, we saw 60 minutes of what is going to be going on for 12 weeks and he’s like ‘You know what? I don’t think you should do this next year. How much are they paying you again? I’ll pay you double to sit your a** on the couch.’”


I’m all for a man taking care of a woman, but I will need for them to walk down the isle first before she decides to stop generating her own income and depend solely on him. I know she has her clothing line, but we all know that is not pulling in the money she wishes, this is her only true bread and butter… Don’t know Draya, you may want to rethink this one!

  • Coffy Brown

    It’s a double edge sword is what it is – a catch 22 if you will – But without being married I wouldnt even put faith in him saying it – It’s easier to say what youll do when your not in the situation – and then when it comes your stuck rethingking should I have done this – I hope she stays smart and does the right thing! – Happy she’s has found her happy – but become gullable

  • http://jniceonthemic.com/ Janice

    on one hand I do think the show is a TERRIBLE look but it did give her more notoriety and got us talking about her. If she stopped doing the show we’d forget about her…she needs to stay on to remain relevant..and I agree that unless this man is her husband, she shouldn’t rely on him for her income…or perhaps she should get his statement in writing lol

  • mb

    Not a good move, she must always remain independent. If she quits her main source of income to depend on him, she will see his true colors.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      Yup exactly

  • Venessa Thomas

    She’s going places in life!!

  • http://realentertainmentnews.com/ Real Entertainment News

    I would quit to if everybody keeps coming at me lol lol